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Unlimited Premium™High capacity - No data usage limits
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Accelerated Performance Services™For optimized Web-App performance beyond speed
Locally ServicedBroadband Internet anywhere within the coverage area
“Rural Life Just Got Faster” Now, your choice to live where you want to live, in a place where population density is low and the horizon can be seen from a long distance, also has the internet connectivity you need. Skyfi 4G internet service has the speed, capacity, stability, and local support to power your household and your business. Skyfi is an extension and natural complement to other great services provided by Anderson’s in Bicknell. Wireless & IP phones, computer repair, network support, plus a large selection electronic parts and accessories. DISH, Directv, and Exede Satellite products are available from AnderSat and showcased in the store showroom. Anderson’s, a Local Company providing great services in the communities where we live.
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Experience excellent performance and use any modern Web app. Our proprietary 5G fixed wireless technology is superior to DSL, satellite, and cellular offerings.

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